Rules – quater distance

01.  Purpose:
Promotion of the City of Poznan
Popularization of triathlon
Promotion of sports and active lifestyle
02. The Organizers and Co-organizers:
KS Tri Tour
Poznan City
03. The date, distance, course
The competition will take place on 29th of June 2019,
start of the competition: 11:00 AM
The starting point is located on the Malta Lake in Poznan.
The finish lane is located next to the Malta Lake in Poznan, next to the stands.
I part of the competition: swimming 950 m (Malta Lake, 1 loop, the expected water temperature 18-19 Celsius degrees, the time limit for swimming 45 min)
II part of the competition: cycling 45 km (1 loop leading national road and roads of the city). Flat course.
Time keeping company – STS, HELMET IS COMPULSORY. Roads are closed for traffic at the entire race course. Competition in the convention of drafting ban. All types of bicycles are allowed. Time limit for swimming and cycling leg – 2,5h.
III part of the competition: running 10,55 km (2 loops). Surface: pedestrian and bike path, asphalt.
Designation of route length at 1 km, measurement of time – STS
Time limit for finishing the competition – 4h.
04. Entry fees
31.07.2018 – 250 PLN
30.09.2018 – 275 PLN
30.11.2018 – 299 PLN
31.01.2019 – 349 PLN
31.03.2019 – 399 PLN
31.05.2019 – 449 PLN
15.06.2019 – 549 PLN

Refer to the case, when the limit of the number of competitors will not be reached.
After June 15, there is a possibility to pay the entry fee in cash at the event office, the amount of the fee applicable until June 15, with no guarantee of receiving a full start package and a medal at the finish lane. Refer to the case, when the limit of the number of competitors will not be reached.
After filling the registration form out, located on the website, each competitor receives an individual link for payment.
There is no possibility to pay for another competitor by using link for the payment, specified during the registration.
After filling out the registration form, paying the entry fee, competition will be placed on the starting list.

It is not possible to transfer the fee to another person.

It is not possible to receive a full starter package by a person other than the person taking part and on the starting list. A third party can only receive a packet without start numbers and a time-measurement chip after showing an appropriate statement available for download on the website

05. Classifications:
1. Age-group classification for men and women: 18-29; 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+
2. The company classification
The company classification includes the results of 5 people reported as representatives of the same company that obtained the best net final result.
In case of starting a larger number of competitors from one company, only the best 5 results are taken into account – as the result of the company is considered the sum of the fastest 5 results obtained by competitors submitted as representatives of a given company.

06. Prizes
Competitors taking 1st-3rd places in the age classification for men or women receive statuettes.
The company that obtains the best result in the company classification receives an occasional cup.
Each finalist of the competition receives a commemorative medal at the finish lane.
Receiving awards can be made only at the award ceremony at the end of the event.
Persons awarded in the general classification are not awarded within the age category – the prize is transferable to the next person in the age category.
There is no possibility of exchanging prizes.
07. Conditions of participation:
The right to take part in the competition have those who, on the date of 29.06.2019 will be 18 years old and will show the identity document during the verification, will pay the entry fee and sign a declaration about no medical contraindications and participating in a competition at their own responsibility.

Every competitor has to have valid national triathlon federation licence

Competitors making a notification to participate in the event by filling out the registration form on the event website, confirmed knowledge of the regulations, accept it and agree for publication of their image and names on Organizer’s promotional materials and advertising for promotional purposes of the Super League Poznan. They also agree for the processing of their personal data to the extent necessary to carry out the competition, including sending e-mail to the indicated address with information about events and promotional material of Organizer.
08. Submissions, starting list
After filling out the registration form located on the website and paying the entry fee, the competitor will be placed on the starting list. The date of filing is the date of payment the entry fee, by which it is meant the date of receipt the entry fee to the bank account of the Organizer. Any costs of the entry fee cover the payer.
There is a limit of the number of participants – 800 people.
09. Final remarks
Competitions will take place regardless of weather conditions
The final closing of the starting list will be made on the 30.06.2019 at 20.00
The bikers are moving with the principles of the Traffic Law Act.
On the entire cycling route, competitors must wear bicycle helmets.
In case of failure the bicycle during the competition, you should removed along with him to the side of the road in a way that does not disrupt the race.
At the finish line there will be a competitor zone, where will be available drinks and food for triathletes.
During the event, Organizer provides medical care.
Competition will be conducted according to the provisions of these Regulations and information given at the race briefing.
All disputable cases arising during competitions, will be considered by the jury.
Receiving awards can be made only at the award ceremony at the end of the event.
The interpretation of the Regulations belongs to the Organizer.